Sundays Message

The Beginning

Human beings are physical beings which are comprised of the very material used in the creation of everything in the universe.

When our bodies die, all that good nourishment is, usually, put into the earth in some shape or form.  That being the case, our physical matter will go on to house and feed a variety of life and become broken down many many times, eventually into atoms.

After millions of years have passed, the death of our sun will disperse the entire physical matter of our solar system into the galaxy, to slowly re-form through the force of gravity.  Our physical atoms will still exist.  We will still exist.  It is immortality.

When you think of you,  ‘Me’,  that’s what you would call yourself.  You don’t think of ‘me’ as in atomic matter.  You think of …’me’.

What about the consciousness, the soul, the spirit?  What about me?

There is energy within our being. It is a recordable observable.

 Albert Einstein said “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

In order to survive as a species, early man needed to become completely aware of their surroundings.  We had no weapons, we are not fast, we were food.  We had to become incredibly environmentally aware, our brain had to evolve in order to process all the information it possibly could, in order for us to survive.  It is natural to assume then, that we would begin to notice things like the fact that; a stick hurts when you are hit with it.

Human beings began to evolve the ability to think and developed minds.  It is our greatest asset.

Our minds are so developed, nothing becomes impossible.  We have imagination.

Our minds are not who we are, the mind is a tool, a problem solving machine.  Our consciousness and who we are is that part of you that listens to what the mind says.

Ask yourself a question in your head, who’s listening?  You are and only you.  Recognise and communicate with your consciousness. You’re talking to your ‘Self’.

Your mind can recognise and communicate with your consciousness.  Your mind allows you to recognise and communication with who ‘you’ are.

Your consciousness by default cannot be aware of being un-conscious.  Even when asleep we are still in a state of consciousness. When you get down to the truth, of anything, the only choice is, on or off, yes or no, positive or negative.  You think 80 +/- years of being conscious is a long time when given the life span of the universe?  How long might you have been un-conscious?

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Those who used the first sticks became the rulers of the land.   The difference is now though,  the best weapon is the one we all possess.  The mind.  Those who control the mind become ‘The Elite’.  It is not so hard to believe when history shows this to be true time and again.

One  man with a stick is no match for ten men with fists, unless they are continuously beaten to ensure they know what that stick feels like.  Those ten men will accept the status-quo to avoid another beating.  They will get another beating.
The last 100-150 years out of an existence of 200,000 years has seen the greatest change in the history of our species.

This is the Information Age.  It is a crucial time.  The beginning of any new Age is.   Fewer and fewer people will remember a time before the internet.  It is in infancy right now and it needs embracing.  We are leaving the age of ignorance as in the Information Age, ignorance, by default, is a choice.

Turn the television off.   Try to keep mainstream media out of your life. The longer you leave mainstream media out of your life the greater the impact it will have on you when you witness it next.    When you do, you can take from it what you want and recognise the control.  Put out there to distract our minds.  Television, radio, newspapers.   It is all one-way hearsay with very little or rushed discussion.  Then it’s gone.  Just when it was getting interesting.   It is controlled.  It is not the truth.  The truth is only what ‘you’ know for yourself.

Know, that you know nothing.  It keeps you in an existence of transformation.  Your honest opinion is speaking the truth,  as you see it right now.  Question it always, it will re-enforce or destroy your opinions.    Always give your honest opinion.  It is your belief.

Key-stone beliefs you hold very close will make your mind sick when and if shattered, but a shattered lie is nothing compared to an emerging truth.   This is often painful and there is no going back, even if you wanted to.    Evolution does not stop, so it is unnatural for you to do so.  The most subtle and the most powerful changes that you can make, is your opinion of the truth.

Our minds need to become aware of our surroundings again and now,  The dawn of the Information Age is the best and possibly, the only time, in human history that we have been able to do this with ease.  At this time, 87% of the United Kingdom is connected through the Internet.  87% of the United Kingdom have the sum of all human knowledge available to them.  And it’s all up for debate.  Everything.

The internet is permanent.  If you want it to, what you put into it, stays there.  People can read an article, hear a song, watch a video or read a comment for many hundreds, thousands, millions of years to come.  How will we look to our descendants?  What can we leave for them to discover?  What can we teach them.

Learn the truth for yourself.  In everything you can.  Learn by questioning everything you can.  What makes sense.   What makes true sense.  When you start questioning everything, the truth becomes easier to see, eventually, without having to look for it.  Read posts on Face-Book or watch a You-Tube video and you will form an opinion.  Read the comments of said post or video, and uncover the truth for yourself.

Remove fear.  Who do you feel more in-tune with when you read their comments.  Don’t be afraid to read and question opinions if you feel differently to them.

If no-one has asked your question or made your point, do it yourself.  People will be in-tune with you.  They will be strangers.  Everyone is a stranger until you meet them.  Imagine who you could meet.

Opinion and discussion unites human beings and we can mow draw together in a very natural and honest way.  Many people have such deep rooted beliefs that they refuse to or cannot change.  The longer you do not question your beliefs, the longer you will go without change.  The longer you go without change, the less your soul will evolve.

It is important to realise that at this moment in history we are surrounded, saturated, with entertainment, world wars, banking crashes and debt, our minds can seem satisfied as they are stimulated, even over stimulated.  Usually with worry or fear.  It is controlled.  It is influential material.

There is no such thing as co-incidence, co-incidence is a made up word to explain something we can’t.  They are all made up words.  Words only have power and significance when we give them power and significance.   If you notice, learn, take, or give anything, from every experience, it is never ‘simply a co-incidence’.

The beauty in the exploration of the Internet is the discovery of chaos.  You will uncover things that will astound and shock, you could not have believed.   It is a personal voyage of self discovery that you have complete control over.  Do not fear the unknown.  You are an explorer.

Relax.  Enjoy life.  Make time for friends.  Make time for people.  Make time.  Socialise when ever you can.  Your mind quickly becomes used to receiving a greater stimulation from a variety of sources both social and personal, and much like the benefits of a good diet, it will thrive.  You will have more time.

Most importantly is live in the present.  When you feel stressed, anxious, depressed, rushed,  just stop.  Immediately, and even say “STOP!”  and take a breath.  In that split second and in the following second and the following second, try to absorb as much as you possibly can from your immediate environment.  Hear a bird tweet, notice the smell of food, feel a gentle breeze, see ladybirds humping.  There is never nothing going on.  Try to soak it up.  It is life.  It is the present.  It is the immediate truth.  It regains your balance and the more often you do it the less you need to be conscious of making yourself do it.

Look forward to the future and reflect on the past but neither are real.  Only the present is real.  You are where you are supposed to be because you are there now.

The future cannot be anything but as good as it is to be truly alive, right now, in the present.  Choices made when you live in the peace of the present,  will be positive choices.  Positive choices create positive outcomes.

Everything in nature is in balance.  Positive and negative, on and off.  We are part of nature.  The bad times will give way to an equal good times.  Knowing this will make the bad times better.  Possibly enjoyable.  There are no good or bad times.  They are what we make of them.  Life is what you make of it.  You are ‘On’ now.

Don’t ever worry.  Worry is fear of the future and there is no need to fear anything which is not real.  There is no need to fear anything.  Fear simply hides the truth and destroys the present.    The journey becomes ruined.

It is all about the journey.