A rock sits on top of a hill, all it does is sit, until a gust of wind or an animals nudge sends it on a journey.

Everything we do in life requires momentum in order to begin the act of doing. This is often in the form of desire. Even something simple like watching a film on television requires, at least, the desire to do so or it wouldn’t happen.

If we take something a little more drastic like going for a run.  In cases like this desire alone is often not enough for us to achieve.  Desire is the thought, in order for us to enable ourselves to achieve our goals we need momentum. This comes through the act of doing or action.  Action immediately spurns momentum which will last as long as we are able to ride the wave we have produced for ourselves. This is down to our mind-set, determination, will, enjoyment or simply put, our energy.

Take the runner. At first, the thought of running might be all that they are capable of. Then the force of desire, possibly the desire to get fitter, will help them into action  This maybe slowly at first,  planning an evening to start, getting shoes, even the act of dressing for the occasion all help to increase the time it will take for this rolling stone to gather enough momentum to actually get out of the door. Let’s hypothesise that our runner did indeed get out of the door and the run was something of a baptism of fire. Legs burned, stitches were received, sweat, cramps, blisters.  This might be enough to stop any further attempts to run ever again, but time is a great healer and the pain gets forgotten and the sense of achievement is a beacon that burns long enough for the runner to don their trainers once again and get back out there. This time the pain is decreased the run is greatly more enjoyable and momentum is achieved far quicker.  In time, on day the runner may just decide on the spur of the moment to go running and in 5 minutes flat is out there.  Momentum in this case is achieved almost instantly.  BANG!

It is often the case that we are required to engage in activities with which we have very little desire. One example from my own experience was on a particularly cold wet January morning, I had driven to a clients house in order to begin some gardening work. I was self-employed and therefore had only myself to answer to. The car I was sat in as a looked out at the dreary scene was warm and comfortable, almost as warm and comfortable as my bed which was waiting for me back home. Desire, was at this point, in fairly short supply and momentum was non-existent and as a result my energy for the task at hand was sadly lacking. So, options. One way or the other I was getting out of the car and starting work. I had my reputation to consider, money to earn and let’s be honest it’s a bit of graft that isn’t going to kill me. The obvious answer is to get started and you’ll be cracking on and done before you know it. That’s true, but that shot misses the target a little.  To simply ‘go through the motions’ is something that we do far to much of in society and you might as well call it ‘A waste of life’.

Everything that we experience is ours to experience. So lets take a look at a few mantras that help adjust our perspective away from wasting life to an attitude that embraces it.

  • Realise that you are here in this situation 100% through your own choices.
  • It is impossible for you to be anywhere else at this moment in time. The fact that you are where you are in this moment of time makes this the truth.
  • This is all for you. It is all for you to experience so how do you wish to experience this snippet of life that has been presented to you because how you experience the moments will be how you experience your entire life.
  • Like attracts like, positive attracts positive.  It is a ripple or even a cascade.  What you send out will at some point come back to you.  Consideration, compassion, empathy.  These traits, along with many others, go a long way in pointing you in the right direction.
  • Everything will balance.  Hot and cold, dark and light, pleasure and pain, positive and negative.  Knowing this and more importantly, believing in this balance, gives you the ability to see the positive in the negative so that the negative you perceive need not necessarily the case.

These simple mantras enable us to ride the wave of momentum for longer and longer the more we practise this shifting of perspective.

So, back to me, sitting in my warm car, looking out at a wintery January morning, I start to run the mantras for myself.  ‘I chose to be here, I am supposed to be here, what am I going to discover out there, this is all for me.’  A tiny drop of positivity is nitrous oxide for momentum.  Before I know it I’m out of the car and getting stuck right into some hard graft.  The cold won’t bother me for long, humans acclimatise pretty quickly.  The fresh air fills my lungs and I can feel my muscles under my shirt getting a workout.  A friendly robin hops past hoping for an easy meal from my toiling in the soil.   Two hours might pass before I feel a shiver from an icy blast of wind, this gives me the nod that a coffee and a bite to eat has been earned.  I’m still buzzing though.  The garden is taking shape, I’ll have a happy customer and a robin who otherwise may have gone hungry has enjoyed a meal of a fat earthworm, all through my actions.

It’s easy to move into action because that’s what we are here for.  Facing our choices and standing by them.  They make us who we are.

If the hardest thing to do is to start.   Realise that starting is really easy.





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