Plastic Just Ain’t Fantastic


Everyone knows it’s terrible, but how can plastic be avoided in todays society.  The keys I press whilst typing this article are made of the stuff.  We are surrounded by it.  Plastic will not be going anywhere soon.  Companies cannot be relied on to start a change here as their product is being purchased by you and me.  So this issue remains of who, can solve the plastic problem?

You and me, is always the answer.  The most powerful force for change on earth 🙂 and so, on to some legendary tips:

  • Choose wisely.  When you are purchasing goods give consideration to the quantity of plastic that comes with it.  Is there an alternative?
  • Don’t use those thin fruit bags in the super-market.   Weigh your goods and stick the label to your item(s) or basket, or trolley, or a small child, preferably your own.
  • Avoid ‘one use’ items.  This tip changed how I dealt with plastic in my life.  If you are using super-market bags  re-use them as bin bags.  Avoid buying individual use water bottles
  • Plastic water bottles (They get there own space)   They are a disaster.  Try to find a way to eliminate them 100% from your life.  They are the ultimate one-use plastic items.  Buy a quality drinks flask.  I would highly recommend Klean Kanteen.  It is an initial expense, but these steel flasks will become a part of your every day carry, not like a foreign object that gets in your way.  Something you are just wanting to get rid of it as you can as you would a plastic bottle.  Look out for people with plastic bottles and see how awkward they are and just get in the way.
  • Shop local and use farmers markets.  This way, you will be more inclined to bring your own bags to carry items.  Often the bags at farmers markets are re-used supermarket bags, so better already.  Also the produce will be local and seasonal, helping to tune your body naturally.
  • Recycle.  Make it a thing that you do.
  • Enjoy your food shopping.  Why so many people just want to ‘get in and get out’ puzzles me a little.  By taking a little more time, you give yourself chance to consider what you are buying and why.
  • Recognise consumerism.  Much of what I have mentioned is directed at food purchases as they do the most damage regarding our use of plastics, but it is everywhere so be aware and look for alternatives at least recognise the problem and your actions will naturally follow your insight.
  • Recognise that you are doing something positive.
  • Nothing or nobody is 100% perfect. 1% beats 0% all day long!


    Bamboo – Ecoffee Cup

There is no one size fits all answer to anything that is even remotely tricky, but part of the joy with change are the gems of discovery that you get to uncover for yourself.
Every single little change we can make, whether it be for individual development or looking at the greater good beyond ourselves, will generate global positivity.
An individuals goals and those of the greater good (in this case, the planet)  both go hand in hand.  You cannot help one without the other. We are the same thing, it will always be win win.
Each and every positive action will attract positivity, it is the greatest ever increasing circle.  It is the  perfect example of how the smallest things can make the biggest differences.



Who’s Driving?

ME…and that’s final?

There are no hard and fast rules governing the journey you take during this life.  There are no hard and fast rules to dictate what will make you happy or sad.  Everything is in motion.  We float about in a sea of existence, pulled here and there by forces known and unknown.  What may please us today has the same chance of angering us tomorrow.  With each new piece of information, with each experience, we are changed.

Let’s say you were to climb a mountain and upon reaching that summit you gaze out and soak up the view, the sense of achievement washes over you.  You feel happy and fulfilled.  Now, if you were to stay on that summit, those feelings would soon wane, they might give way to cold, hunger, fatigue, the desire for a warm bed.  These feelings push you along to other things, namely walking back down the mountain for a start.  You reach base camp buzzing and happy to be back safe and sound.  You warm yourself and relax in the shear bliss of sharing a hot cup of coffee and a regale your tale before the luxury of getting into that warm bed.  Our peak happiness is in constant motion and can sometimes seem very elusive.  For that reason, we can start putting requirements on our own happiness, such as climbing a mountain, buying a car, falling in love, taking a holiday.  You name it.  People will look for happiness in every conceivable way possible in order to remove themselves from what they perceive mundane.

Not Mighty

Who or what creates the mundane?  The quick and simple answer is you do.  You create what it is that your mind perceives to be mundane.  You choose what it is that you think will make you happy.  What is often not realised is that the ‘You’ in this instance is actually not actually YOU it is your ego.  The Ego is an often fretful character and it is quick to feel sorry for itself, insecure and vulnerable.  It tricks you into thinking that it is you in order to get what it thinks it wants.  Realise this and begin to take control.  Your ego is a tool you can use once you realise that  for what it is.  It isn’t you but merely a mask you show to the world.  When you need it, it can be braver than you think you can be, stronger, happier, understanding, compassionate, helpful, optimistic.  It can be as close to the real you as you allow it to be.

The Split

It is not until you really realise that it is not you, that you will understand the effect and control it can have.  Your ego has been created over many years but the world around you.  You may think that things like advertising or social norms or requirements have no effect on you.  You may think that seeing the media’s portrayal of how you should look and what is beautiful, has no effect on you.  This is because is doesn’t effect you, it isn’t taking to you.  It is talking to and effecting your ego.

This is the root cause of most of the western worlds unhappiness your ego is feeling insecure or sorry for itself.  The ego is so strongly effected by these stimulations you need only to look around and see how people use the latest trends and materialism as a comfort blanket to wrap themselves in.  The same goes for the trends on social media and the upspring of the selfie generation  This is the ego being conditioned to recognise what it thinks happiness is and it is pulling people further and further away from what their heart is telling them, who they really are.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself with finery or mountain climbing or whatever it is that you wish to indulge yourself in.  As long as you recognise the separation between your self and your ego, you will be better equipped to make decisions in the future.

I said there are no hard and fast rules governing the journey you take during this life, but if I had to pick a starting point and point myself in a direction it would be simply to smile.  It is a base for you to establish.  A smile is the single most powerful way to communicate ourselves to the whole world.   A smile doesn’t necessarily mean that you are happy.  It can mean that you are strong.  It can mean that you understand.  It can show you care, that you can help, that you are approachable.


You smile because all of life is for you.  Smile because it makes you feel better, smile because it makes others feel better.  Smile because you are on the greatest ride.  Smile because nothing in this universe is mundane.   Smile because you are happy   🙂



The Wise Old Man of Hollywood



Hollywood is great at making heroes.  Turning ordinary folk into something greater than themselves and they have a winning tried and tested formula for doing so.

Firstly, a critical turning point event is introduced.  A family member dies, or some other such great upheaval lands on our would-be heroes doorstep and there it is.  They are propelled into action.  This is often followed by a wise old sage offering just the right advice at just the right time.  Just as helpful is the close friend who explains to others exactly what and why the protagonist has acted in a certain way, as to ensure that everybody knows exactly what’s what.  Ahh beautiful Hollywood.

The Lesson

So let’s bring this right back down to earth and address the issues.  Firstly we would hope that a family member need not die in order shake things up a bit.   We are more than capable of doing this for ourselves, starting in our own head.  In order to act upon something it need only make sense to you in your own head.   You are not responsible for the rest of the populations understanding of yourself and nor should you be so arrogant to think that they would even be bothered with what you are entertaining yourself with at any given time.  So we have decided to propel our own selves into action, next we need a wise old sage to join the dots up for us and point us in the right direction.  It would be nice, but we can do this for ourselves too.

The universe wants to do what the universe wants to do.  You are the universe, so the way becomes clear, as long as you are open to it.  Allow yourself to become a filter for your own self.  By this I mean allow the passage of all information (life) to flow though your being and you will soon notice a synchronicity to the world.  Messages or hints will snag as they pass through this net or lens you provide yourself, don’t ignore them.  Pay attention.  This is the equivalent to Daniel San’s Mr. Miyagi and who would ever ignore Mr Miyagi?  If, for example you have enjoyed cycling in the past and your motivation has waned, suddenly you see a poster, or hear an interview regarding the subject.  Make a mental note.  If this happens two, three, four times,  jump on it,  somehow involve yourself and see where it takes you.  This might not mean you must commit yourself to cycling 30km a week, it may just be a means to an end, or a nudge in the right direction.

Quite often we do receive the wisest of wise sages into our life and they come in all sorts of guises, so get the Hollywood stereotypes right out of your head.  They are people you engage with when you engage with people.  When you pick up on a synchronicity and follow it and the flow it creates, you will find yourself in situations where you will be in touch with people that you otherwise wouldn’t be.  People that you should be in touch with.  In these cases you are privy to information and experiences that will alter the course of your life.

Help Zen Help You

Every influence we are subjected to is a different path we would take.  The further the head moves away from the heart, the more trouble you are in, so pay attention and regard what it is that you expose yourself to and the quality thereof.  Clean the windscreen!  One more drop of mud on an already muddy windscreen in hard to notice.  Clean the windscreen and you can spot it a mile away.  Remove as much noise as you can from your environment.  Leave the mainstream for a month.  Avoid it like the plague.  No radio, TV, magazines, newspapers.  Stick to that which you can control.  When you re-introduce the mainstream, not only will you be better at recognising the mud but you will also be more sensitive to the quality of the information you are exposed to.

Every Moment

Now then, on to that great friend who explains to the world what a fantastic person you are and that all of your actions, however peculiar, have been done with the best intentions and now everybody loves and understands you. Cue the music.  Lovely.  Thankfully life doesn’t need to be squashed into 2 hours.  Your actions and choices do not need an explanation to anybody less of course you wish to explain them yourself.  The great friend in our case refers in part to your reputation.  Your actions will speak for themselves, the paths you choose will explain themselves for those who wish to pay attention to them.  They are meant for you.  Who you effect during the journey is who you will effect.

Hollywood is very good at having us believe that we need the reassurance of others.   It need only matter to you what you choose to do with this life.




Gonna make a change…



People want change.  Change the system, change the channel, change the weather.  Change the world.  Change yourself?  It’s so easy to say but can be one of the most difficult things any of us may ever do.


The question as to why anyone would want to change is as varied as any change one could imagine making.  So lets just plough on with the assumption that change is a desired thing and we can discuss some methods in doing so.

Change what?  Change your hair colour? Change your personality?  Change your attitude?  Change your perspective?  Change for the better?  Change for the worse?

Surely nobody would really wish to, deliberately, set out to change themselves for the worse, but it happens.  Starting smoking is an obvious one.  Eating too many  sweeties?  Staying up late night after night plugged into a frantic online multiplayer?  I can’t judge but pick your poison.

Seeing is believing

Any change you would want to make would usually be with a view of self-improvement.  It’s easy to see that an attempt to quit smoking is a step in the right direction, but what about changing something about ourselves that we don’t necessarily recognise.  This is the tricky part.   If nobody ever told you (or you didn’t figure it out yourself) that for example, you chewed with your mouth open, you may not ever recognise it and as a result would on chewing with your mouth open forever.

This is why recognition has to be the first step.  Start with the obvious.  Positivity begets positivity.  This won’t be necessarily  easy, but realise that it is usually the case that the first step is the most difficult.  The first time you try something new will put you outside of your comfort zone or habit and you will notice it.  Trusting that this is positive thing will help.  All change is positive.  To remain fixed is not in keeping with nature.  It is only man’s attempt to conquer nature that creates an illusion of permanence.  Try to live within a transformational existence.  If you adopt the nature of change you will become natural at it.  Trust your senses.

The Magic Mirror of Humanity

Often when we are in the presence of others that may be rigid or fixed in there perspective and opinions that we tend to show similar behaviour.  Such is the nature of living a transformational existence.  Recognise this,  that on occasion it may not be your own thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing.

After a time you will need less and less conscious thought in adapting to change .  The first few days or weeks or months after the recognition of an unwanted aspect of your self has been uncovered.  You may slip back into the familiar pattern or habit it has generated within you, sometimes this will happen very often.  The moment that  you catch yourself on or re-recognise the action, progress has been made.

Sometime we may recognise what is perceived to be a flaw in our character that we wish to change and no matter how much we try it always seems to dog you.  I will use social anxiety as an example here.  This can feel like the very devil itself.  You are aware of it but it seems that the more you try to gain control or ignore the issue, the more obvious and paralysing the it can become.  The harder you push, the more stubbornly it remains.  In these instances,  and indeed this could apply to any and all changes that you may wish to make, but with issues such as this, they are beacons, spotlights , highlighting what you are attempting to do.

Resign Into Bliss

The only way to beat the devil at it’s own game is not to play.  Accept everything about the anxiety condition that you have created.  Treat it as an old friend, learn to love it.  It is who you are right now. The less you struggle the more you will be free of it.  This attitude will assist you in many other ways of your own personal development.  Much like a guitarist struggling to learn their chords, they will instead attempt to play a song that they love and learn the chords naturally whilst doing so.  Not only will they have their chords but their overall playing will improve also.  The more technical the song the greater the advance in improvement will be.  The harder the battle the sweeter the victory.

There are times when all of this will be forgotten.  When we are at our most distracted or our focus is elsewhere, all of our good intentions and previous gains can fly out of the window.  This is just another tune to learn.  That one time when under duress you manage to recall one aspect of something you practise when calm, that is the winner.

Remember that the most fundamental change you can make within the world today, is the change you make within yourself.

A Slice of the Moment

The First Cut

With the barrage that we are hammered with each and every day of our lives it is understandable that this ability to absorb life completely is sabotaged.  It is literally nipped in the bud from the youngest age.  Replaced with wants and desires that we are told we need and as such they are sold to us.  Our forgotten abilities, unrealised abilities, not standing a chance to get passed on to the next generations.

Not standing a chance in passing them on to ourselves.

Hone Yourself

A species is capable of self awareness has the ability to alter aspects of themselves based upon choices that they make.

Much like if I were to live of a diet of doughnuts alone I would not be the same both physically and mentally than if I were to consume a diet rich in fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.


The desire to achieve a higher level of consciousness or awareness though the development of your vibrational frequency, can soon become very paradoxical, especially with regard to ones spiritual understanding, as in order to achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness you would need to remove any sense of achievement and remove your desire and the assumption that your are attaining a ‘higher’ level of anything.  This implies a certain one-upmanship, this is the reason that would hold you back from unlocking something that you have already unlocked.  Remember, that wanting not to desire is simply desire.

Frequency is effected in a sometimes subtle, but still in a very profound way.  It is possible that as a result of environmental pollution, the receivers within an individual can become damaged or hardened to the delicate rhythms of the universe.

This is not to say that those who are not aware or have little interest in their particular operating frequency are unhappy, indeed they could be much happier than many who are on a quest to unlock their own hitherto undiscovered potential for how their time is spent during this particular perspective of the universe.

We each will ascend. How many times you try the same ride is up to you.  How much you allow the world, universe or creation to effect your journey will be how much you allow your journey to be effected.  In order for you to experience the most fascinating and interesting journey possible will depend on how much you will allow yourself to experience.  Both from within and from outside of your body.

The Perfect Slice

The only truth, the only real thing is the moment that you are in right now.  This is the only possible place you can exist because this is where you exist.  When you focus a lens on the very edge of the moment you are existing in right now,  you realise how fast it moves, like the spinning blade of a circular saw.  This moment moves from the centre to the edge and it is right at the very tip of that edge where we exist.  All of life is there.  How much you can absorb is a very real test.

The first step is recognition that it is perfect.