A little something on duality

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What would be the difference between doing something and not doing something?  All manner of issues arise when we act and this is also true if we do not act.  Both are our choice to make, both effect us, both effect the outside world.  It is not therefore arguable that both are the same?  The act of doing nothing in itself is something.  Such is the problem of duality.

Ice is cold only because our skin is warm.  If our skin was permanently below 0° Celsius then ice would not be cold.  Everything that we take for granted as truth is relative to our own unique situation.  By that I mean our human situation.  We cannot see the world from the point of view of anything else other than that of the human point of view.  Further to this is that we cannot see the world from any other point of view than that of our own individual vantage point.  This can easily become a breeding ground for fear, uncertainty, hate and ignorance.

50/50 = 100

So much in life is geared towards making an individual feel that they are individual and now to the extent that we have come to crave being an individual for fear that we are normal or boring.  How has this come to pass?  I say come to pass as it will not stay.  It cannot.    The stuff of wonder that many hold in such high regard, black holes, stars, galaxies, nebular.  They are all fantastic but right here we have those same phenomenon, sitting nearby, getting on with perceived mundane day to day rituals.  These creatures are the result of billions of years of expansion and evolution.   Isn’t that something to behold, to marvel at, to recognise in ourselves?  We are the farthest reaching atoms from the creation of the universe.


The reason that stars twinkle is because we twinkle, the sun shines because we shine, the rain falls because we rain.  We are all of these things.  It is now that you are experiencing life from the human point of view.  From your point of view.  Scientists try to understand this universe by means of separation.  This is a star, this is a planet, this is a human, this is a fish.  This is a man, this is a woman.  I am black, he is white.  By attempting to understand the nature of things we all to easily create a sense of our own self importance on this planet.  We desire to control or conquer.   We ensure that the differences we recognise are highlighted in order to obtain a better grasp of who we are.  With the certainty that one is different from another comes with it an uncertainty of those that are different.  Fear in born out of uncertainty and insecurity.  A new born child has no fear.  It is only once the child is taught  that it is an individual and that others are different the child is taught to fear.

The time will come that all mankind will recognise that it is one with the universe.  That mankind is the universe.  This will be heaven on earth.  The leap that will put all of our knowledge and technology to good use and not into destroying ourselves for the sake of money or fear.  When we realise that there is nothing to fear, will we realise that we are free.

Without duality there is nothing.  Without a north there is no south.  Without dark there is no light.  Without positive there is no negative.  Without fear there is no peace.  The deciding factor is choice.



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