Don’t Think

If I were to think that I should possibly go and get a glass of water my thirst wouldn’t be slaked any time soon. I would need to act. Move myself into the kitchen and turn on the tap.

Each of us has an itch to scratch, there is something within all of us that we need to accomplish. Often there are many things.  By following our feelings we can take step by step actions that help present this calling.

Far too many well intentioned individuals, attempting to make a positive contribution to the universe spend far too much time thinking about what they could do without doing anything. Even when a great idea has presented itself, all that is often accomplished is for an individual to relax in the comforting knowledge that they have had a great idea. It is as if the hard work is done. This is the single most destructive force to creative aspiration and it arrives directly after it’s conception. Our mind tells us that we have achieved something (phew!) and now we can now enjoy the fruits of our labour by indulging in procrastination or distraction.

Worse than this is that the distraction, in all of it’s cunning trickery of the mind gives an individual the illusion of completion or achievement.  Never before has this been more true or obvious.  Lets take a look at the devil itself, who in this case comes under the guise of social media.  It is far too easy to scroll down a Facebook or Twitter newsfeed and believe that we are endowing ourselves with relevant and helpful information that we have selected for ourselves.  The danger with this new level of trickery is that our mind is sedated, absorbed, awash with what is perceived to be a self-controlled vehicle for our own personal voyage of discovery.  What this fails to address is what the heart desires, but this evil genius has that base covered too.  Upon discovering an article that sparks an interest or piques a curiosity it is all too easy to hit the ‘share button’  this has ticked the box that you have put something out into the universe and that itch has been, temporarily, soothed or replaced, put back into it’s box.  Quite often nothing more is required other than that single mouse click.  Sometimes you may write a sentence expressing your feelings but by-in-large the majority of sharing is done with a single click.  The problem with this is that it requires very little or no risk on the sharers part.  It is not original and unless you are posting anonymously, quite often it is down to your acquaintance’s obligation as family or friends to show an interest in what it is that you are trying to convey.  Worse is that the fact remains that your itch, your yearning to create has been herded off in another direction and ultimately lost in the muddle.

We are at a time now where we have the most power we have ever had to communicate, to create, to inspire, teach, entertain.  With this there may come a pressure to do something worthwhile with this ability.  Don’t make it too easy for yourself to release that pressure, us is as a launch-pad to propel you into action.  By all means engage with social media, share away any items of interest as you see fit, but recognise it for what it is.  Recognise that it is distracting you.  If you let it, it will take away your drive and determination.  If there is more to your hearts desire then don’t let thinking about it be all that you achieve.



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