A Slice of the Moment

The First Cut

With the barrage that we are hammered with each and every day of our lives it is understandable that this ability to absorb life completely is sabotaged.  It is literally nipped in the bud from the youngest age.  Replaced with wants and desires that we are told we need and as such they are sold to us.  Our forgotten abilities, unrealised abilities, not standing a chance to get passed on to the next generations.

Not standing a chance in passing them on to ourselves.

Hone Yourself

A species is capable of self awareness has the ability to alter aspects of themselves based upon choices that they make.

Much like if I were to live of a diet of doughnuts alone I would not be the same both physically and mentally than if I were to consume a diet rich in fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.


The desire to achieve a higher level of consciousness or awareness though the development of your vibrational frequency, can soon become very paradoxical, especially with regard to ones spiritual understanding, as in order to achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness you would need to remove any sense of achievement and remove your desire and the assumption that your are attaining a ‘higher’ level of anything.  This implies a certain one-upmanship, this is the reason that would hold you back from unlocking something that you have already unlocked.  Remember, that wanting not to desire is simply desire.

Frequency is effected in a sometimes subtle, but still in a very profound way.  It is possible that as a result of environmental pollution, the receivers within an individual can become damaged or hardened to the delicate rhythms of the universe.

This is not to say that those who are not aware or have little interest in their particular operating frequency are unhappy, indeed they could be much happier than many who are on a quest to unlock their own hitherto undiscovered potential for how their time is spent during this particular perspective of the universe.

We each will ascend. How many times you try the same ride is up to you.  How much you allow the world, universe or creation to effect your journey will be how much you allow your journey to be effected.  In order for you to experience the most fascinating and interesting journey possible will depend on how much you will allow yourself to experience.  Both from within and from outside of your body.

The Perfect Slice

The only truth, the only real thing is the moment that you are in right now.  This is the only possible place you can exist because this is where you exist.  When you focus a lens on the very edge of the moment you are existing in right now,  you realise how fast it moves, like the spinning blade of a circular saw.  This moment moves from the centre to the edge and it is right at the very tip of that edge where we exist.  All of life is there.  How much you can absorb is a very real test.

The first step is recognition that it is perfect.


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