Gonna make a change…



People want change.  Change the system, change the channel, change the weather.  Change the world.  Change yourself?  It’s so easy to say but can be one of the most difficult things any of us may ever do.


The question as to why anyone would want to change is as varied as any change one could imagine making.  So lets just plough on with the assumption that change is a desired thing and we can discuss some methods in doing so.

Change what?  Change your hair colour? Change your personality?  Change your attitude?  Change your perspective?  Change for the better?  Change for the worse?

Surely nobody would really wish to, deliberately, set out to change themselves for the worse, but it happens.  Starting smoking is an obvious one.  Eating too many  sweeties?  Staying up late night after night plugged into a frantic online multiplayer?  I can’t judge but pick your poison.

Seeing is believing

Any change you would want to make would usually be with a view of self-improvement.  It’s easy to see that an attempt to quit smoking is a step in the right direction, but what about changing something about ourselves that we don’t necessarily recognise.  This is the tricky part.   If nobody ever told you (or you didn’t figure it out yourself) that for example, you chewed with your mouth open, you may not ever recognise it and as a result would on chewing with your mouth open forever.

This is why recognition has to be the first step.  Start with the obvious.  Positivity begets positivity.  This won’t be necessarily  easy, but realise that it is usually the case that the first step is the most difficult.  The first time you try something new will put you outside of your comfort zone or habit and you will notice it.  Trusting that this is positive thing will help.  All change is positive.  To remain fixed is not in keeping with nature.  It is only man’s attempt to conquer nature that creates an illusion of permanence.  Try to live within a transformational existence.  If you adopt the nature of change you will become natural at it.  Trust your senses.

The Magic Mirror of Humanity

Often when we are in the presence of others that may be rigid or fixed in there perspective and opinions that we tend to show similar behaviour.  Such is the nature of living a transformational existence.  Recognise this,  that on occasion it may not be your own thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing.

After a time you will need less and less conscious thought in adapting to change .  The first few days or weeks or months after the recognition of an unwanted aspect of your self has been uncovered.  You may slip back into the familiar pattern or habit it has generated within you, sometimes this will happen very often.  The moment that  you catch yourself on or re-recognise the action, progress has been made.

Sometime we may recognise what is perceived to be a flaw in our character that we wish to change and no matter how much we try it always seems to dog you.  I will use social anxiety as an example here.  This can feel like the very devil itself.  You are aware of it but it seems that the more you try to gain control or ignore the issue, the more obvious and paralysing the it can become.  The harder you push, the more stubbornly it remains.  In these instances,  and indeed this could apply to any and all changes that you may wish to make, but with issues such as this, they are beacons, spotlights , highlighting what you are attempting to do.

Resign Into Bliss

The only way to beat the devil at it’s own game is not to play.  Accept everything about the anxiety condition that you have created.  Treat it as an old friend, learn to love it.  It is who you are right now. The less you struggle the more you will be free of it.  This attitude will assist you in many other ways of your own personal development.  Much like a guitarist struggling to learn their chords, they will instead attempt to play a song that they love and learn the chords naturally whilst doing so.  Not only will they have their chords but their overall playing will improve also.  The more technical the song the greater the advance in improvement will be.  The harder the battle the sweeter the victory.

There are times when all of this will be forgotten.  When we are at our most distracted or our focus is elsewhere, all of our good intentions and previous gains can fly out of the window.  This is just another tune to learn.  That one time when under duress you manage to recall one aspect of something you practise when calm, that is the winner.

Remember that the most fundamental change you can make within the world today, is the change you make within yourself.


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