The Wise Old Man of Hollywood



Hollywood is great at making heroes.  Turning ordinary folk into something greater than themselves and they have a winning tried and tested formula for doing so.

Firstly, a critical turning point event is introduced.  A family member dies, or some other such great upheaval lands on our would-be heroes doorstep and there it is.  They are propelled into action.  This is often followed by a wise old sage offering just the right advice at just the right time.  Just as helpful is the close friend who explains to others exactly what and why the protagonist has acted in a certain way, as to ensure that everybody knows exactly what’s what.  Ahh beautiful Hollywood.

The Lesson

So let’s bring this right back down to earth and address the issues.  Firstly we would hope that a family member need not die in order shake things up a bit.   We are more than capable of doing this for ourselves, starting in our own head.  In order to act upon something it need only make sense to you in your own head.   You are not responsible for the rest of the populations understanding of yourself and nor should you be so arrogant to think that they would even be bothered with what you are entertaining yourself with at any given time.  So we have decided to propel our own selves into action, next we need a wise old sage to join the dots up for us and point us in the right direction.  It would be nice, but we can do this for ourselves too.

The universe wants to do what the universe wants to do.  You are the universe, so the way becomes clear, as long as you are open to it.  Allow yourself to become a filter for your own self.  By this I mean allow the passage of all information (life) to flow though your being and you will soon notice a synchronicity to the world.  Messages or hints will snag as they pass through this net or lens you provide yourself, don’t ignore them.  Pay attention.  This is the equivalent to Daniel San’s Mr. Miyagi and who would ever ignore Mr Miyagi?  If, for example you have enjoyed cycling in the past and your motivation has waned, suddenly you see a poster, or hear an interview regarding the subject.  Make a mental note.  If this happens two, three, four times,  jump on it,  somehow involve yourself and see where it takes you.  This might not mean you must commit yourself to cycling 30km a week, it may just be a means to an end, or a nudge in the right direction.

Quite often we do receive the wisest of wise sages into our life and they come in all sorts of guises, so get the Hollywood stereotypes right out of your head.  They are people you engage with when you engage with people.  When you pick up on a synchronicity and follow it and the flow it creates, you will find yourself in situations where you will be in touch with people that you otherwise wouldn’t be.  People that you should be in touch with.  In these cases you are privy to information and experiences that will alter the course of your life.

Help Zen Help You

Every influence we are subjected to is a different path we would take.  The further the head moves away from the heart, the more trouble you are in, so pay attention and regard what it is that you expose yourself to and the quality thereof.  Clean the windscreen!  One more drop of mud on an already muddy windscreen in hard to notice.  Clean the windscreen and you can spot it a mile away.  Remove as much noise as you can from your environment.  Leave the mainstream for a month.  Avoid it like the plague.  No radio, TV, magazines, newspapers.  Stick to that which you can control.  When you re-introduce the mainstream, not only will you be better at recognising the mud but you will also be more sensitive to the quality of the information you are exposed to.

Every Moment

Now then, on to that great friend who explains to the world what a fantastic person you are and that all of your actions, however peculiar, have been done with the best intentions and now everybody loves and understands you. Cue the music.  Lovely.  Thankfully life doesn’t need to be squashed into 2 hours.  Your actions and choices do not need an explanation to anybody less of course you wish to explain them yourself.  The great friend in our case refers in part to your reputation.  Your actions will speak for themselves, the paths you choose will explain themselves for those who wish to pay attention to them.  They are meant for you.  Who you effect during the journey is who you will effect.

Hollywood is very good at having us believe that we need the reassurance of others.   It need only matter to you what you choose to do with this life.





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