Who’s Driving?

ME…and that’s final?

There are no hard and fast rules governing the journey you take during this life.  There are no hard and fast rules to dictate what will make you happy or sad.  Everything is in motion.  We float about in a sea of existence, pulled here and there by forces known and unknown.  What may please us today has the same chance of angering us tomorrow.  With each new piece of information, with each experience, we are changed.

Let’s say you were to climb a mountain and upon reaching that summit you gaze out and soak up the view, the sense of achievement washes over you.  You feel happy and fulfilled.  Now, if you were to stay on that summit, those feelings would soon wane, they might give way to cold, hunger, fatigue, the desire for a warm bed.  These feelings push you along to other things, namely walking back down the mountain for a start.  You reach base camp buzzing and happy to be back safe and sound.  You warm yourself and relax in the shear bliss of sharing a hot cup of coffee and a regale your tale before the luxury of getting into that warm bed.  Our peak happiness is in constant motion and can sometimes seem very elusive.  For that reason, we can start putting requirements on our own happiness, such as climbing a mountain, buying a car, falling in love, taking a holiday.  You name it.  People will look for happiness in every conceivable way possible in order to remove themselves from what they perceive mundane.

Not Mighty

Who or what creates the mundane?  The quick and simple answer is you do.  You create what it is that your mind perceives to be mundane.  You choose what it is that you think will make you happy.  What is often not realised is that the ‘You’ in this instance is actually not actually YOU it is your ego.  The Ego is an often fretful character and it is quick to feel sorry for itself, insecure and vulnerable.  It tricks you into thinking that it is you in order to get what it thinks it wants.  Realise this and begin to take control.  Your ego is a tool you can use once you realise that  for what it is.  It isn’t you but merely a mask you show to the world.  When you need it, it can be braver than you think you can be, stronger, happier, understanding, compassionate, helpful, optimistic.  It can be as close to the real you as you allow it to be.

The Split

It is not until you really realise that it is not you, that you will understand the effect and control it can have.  Your ego has been created over many years but the world around you.  You may think that things like advertising or social norms or requirements have no effect on you.  You may think that seeing the media’s portrayal of how you should look and what is beautiful, has no effect on you.  This is because is doesn’t effect you, it isn’t taking to you.  It is talking to and effecting your ego.

This is the root cause of most of the western worlds unhappiness your ego is feeling insecure or sorry for itself.  The ego is so strongly effected by these stimulations you need only to look around and see how people use the latest trends and materialism as a comfort blanket to wrap themselves in.  The same goes for the trends on social media and the upspring of the selfie generation  This is the ego being conditioned to recognise what it thinks happiness is and it is pulling people further and further away from what their heart is telling them, who they really are.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself with finery or mountain climbing or whatever it is that you wish to indulge yourself in.  As long as you recognise the separation between your self and your ego, you will be better equipped to make decisions in the future.

I said there are no hard and fast rules governing the journey you take during this life, but if I had to pick a starting point and point myself in a direction it would be simply to smile.  It is a base for you to establish.  A smile is the single most powerful way to communicate ourselves to the whole world.   A smile doesn’t necessarily mean that you are happy.  It can mean that you are strong.  It can mean that you understand.  It can show you care, that you can help, that you are approachable.


You smile because all of life is for you.  Smile because it makes you feel better, smile because it makes others feel better.  Smile because you are on the greatest ride.  Smile because nothing in this universe is mundane.   Smile because you are happy   🙂




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