Mind Sweeping

Away From The Noise of Thought

As you become more accomplished in allowing thoughts to just happen without attachment, you will find a distance between the gaps of thoughts.  Certain images or mental constructs emerge. They will grab your attention as being something deeper or more defined than just initial thought, certainly more obvious in getting your attention.  Go towards them, approach them mentally.  It is easy to notice these fragments and turn your attention away as your mind would like to chatter on elsewhere.   These are mind made structures snagging upon your awakening conscious. They are little thorns that you can get caught up on in day-to-day life.

An Example

You receive an image of a woman. She is dressed in dirty clothes and ripped nylons. She is smoking and generally looks beaten down a life, possibly a prostitute. This sort of mental construction has more than likely been applied to your subconscious as a result of a western upbringing.  Television and the like.   The associated perspective this has impressed upon you is something low density or, negative.

Weeding out

Approach this construct, you do not need to communicate just be aware. The image of the woman will change or morph. No longer do you see a woman but now you see a damaged nail sticking out of a wooden post. Reach out and try to pull the nail out. You will find you can pull it out easily. There may appear now several more posts each with a nail for you to remove.  This is the undoing of the negative impression.  You will have your own imagery that will help move you into action in these instances.  Instead of a nail you may see a weed to pull up.  The subject matter will vary in infinite possibilities and be as individual as you are

On some level you will have removed a mind made structure that was acting against you. It may be something very small but small stones in a pond still make large ripples.  Once you have done this it will become easier the next time.

One of the better times to try this is just as you awaken in the morning whilst your mind is still relaxed and in a dream like state.


On The Purpose of Life

Your life’s purpose is what you make it.

Right now my life’s purpose is writing this article.  When I drink tea, that is my life’s purpose.  When I do my tax returns, that is my life’s purpose.  When I lift the cup from the table in order to take a sip that is my life’s purpose.  Not the sip, that has not happened yet.

Not all the things we do can be perceived to be the most pleasurable experiences that life has to offer, but each is necessary in order to facilitate life.

If you see that what you are doing at this moment of your life as a problem, it will be a problem, if it is a challenge, it will be a challenge.  If it is perceived as life, as another step on the path, it is then necessary and it is the most important thing that you are doing because it is what you are doing.

What you are doing at this moment is the purpose of your life.

What you choose to make of it is up you.

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Demolishing Density


When a higher frequency comes into contact with a lower vibrating frequency, the higher frequency brings the lower frequency up to it’s level.

This takes energy.

When you first raise your frequency, this is the first heave of momentum.  During this time, when the frequency of energy within you is fundamentally at its densest,  you can get to become quite exhausted.  You can become extremely tired or fatigued and may not know why.

At the time of writing, it has been my experience that these periods of exhaustion continue in a cyclical fashion but they are not to the same degree as when they are first manifested.  Possibly knowing what is happening within and why, is a comfort at these times.  Often the fatigue is accompanied by a recurring pain that seems to move about an area of your body.  Doing what your body tells you is greatly  beneficial.  Look after yourself.  You are working hard within and may not realise it.

It is impossible to help somebody, without helping yourself.

The densities I refer to initially are in relation to you personally.  Old heavy emotions are the first to be broken apart and that energy redistributed at higher level throughout your being.  However, it is important to realise that as your frequency rises significantly, when you come into contact with a person who may have a denser frequency or lower vibration than you do at the time of contact, your energy will naturally go towards bringing up this sub-consciously recognised lower frequency.

As a result of this you will be drained energetically speaking and the other person will have had their frequency raised.  [Naturally Summon the Qi in a gentle fashion, possibly through a connection with nature and you will soon feel no negative effects of your energy work.]

Your silver lining to this is that the energy work generates a momentum flow  within yourself that flushes along any detritus that you have floating about within, that is on or around the level of vibration you have just come into contact with.  As these surface you will recognise them and  get to blast them apart. Usually they will be small and come in the forms of old ideas or concepts you may have even forgotten about.  You have an understanding of truth now, and these old preconceptions are quickly dealt with.  It is refreshing and incredibly beneficial.

Any other individual may not resonate at a lower frequency than you at all times, this might be a rut they are in or simply be identified with a thought that is particularly dense.  As you continually rise however, the times when you are in contact with people at a lower frequency may increase.

Let It Blow

Imagine you are a sheet in the wind,  spread tight at all four corners.  As the wind blows at you, you are pulled taut.  This feels uncomfortable as you resist it.   Resist nothing.  Release the tension by widening the gaps in your fabric. Sieve the parts you want to, and the rest flows through.

As the breath of life blows, you can accept more of it as you allow it to blow though you.   In fact as the wind blows harder (at times of or immediately following stress for example) and you can adopt this state of being , you can feel the sensation with greater intensity  which helps you  recognise it all the clearer in times of peace or ease.  It is a feeling of freshness.

This is incredibly rejuvenating.   It blows away all the dust and cobwebs and will manifest by bringing your natural state of being higher further leading to evolution, serenity and peace.







Summon The Power Of The Universe


Summoning The Qi

Take a look at a few Japanese anime animations.  One theme which is hugely popular is of what I can only describe as ‘Summoning the Qi’ (chi).  When summoning the Qi, a character usually performs an elaborate focused concentration in order to charge themselves, often with the intention of destruction with a release of charged energy, it is also manifested in nature, healing, telekinesis anyway imaginable really.


Often accompanying this and usually before a grand battle, one or both characters are primed for the encounter by, what I will call, ‘The Ching’.  This is sometimes shown as a glint in the characters eye often accompanied by a ‘ching’ sound.  A recognition of threat or, of energy.

Like many entertainment forms, the ideas of the creators are hyper exaggerated for the benefit of the drama, but this does not remove the fact that there is something that can be divined and applied to your reality.

Basic Instinct

By paying attention to 2016-02-9--13-10-27.jpegour Triggers (the things that set us off) we experience ‘The Ching’.  These are the obvious ones.  Everything is energy, but these Triggers are our own personal markers so we notice them immediately.  From this recognition you can notice the energy within anything.

The emotional content within starts to stir to a greater or lesser degree.  From here you can channel this energy throughout your being and Summon The Qi.

I said Emotional Content, not anger.

Do not allow your energy to be wasted, anger is a release that gains nothing.  The same applies to thoughts or feeling you harbour that are draining and negative.  This creates a downwards spiral. Stop that activity by drawing on the opposite, positive frequencies


As your ability to recognise the various energies within you increases,  you can naturally allow Qi to flow.  It can feel quite amazing and you will seem to have boundless energy.  Unlimited Power! Or simply, be at peace.

How individual energies will manifest is up to that individual.

Sword Art Online

Not quite as obvious as the likes of Dragon Ball Z for the summoning of Qi but this series does show off these abilities.  It also puts you into a virtual reality medium which is quite a helpful point of view when dealing with many ascension issues.  Also, there is mention early on in the first episode regarding using your skill as a feeling which hits the nail very well.

Become An Alchemist

There is power everywhere, within everything.  With increasing awareness comes the ability to evolve, to channel and focus energies.  Turn lead into gold from within.

The process of learning to control energy within yourself is incredible.  It can help bring out your best.  It can speed up your healing.   It can tune you into nature on a level you didn’t notice before.  You name it, you will manifest it!

From a perspective it could be seen to be super-human.

Because that is exactly what it is.

On Perspective

The same world is perceived differently by a frog and a cat, a cat and a dog, a dog and a human, a child and an adult, a woman and a man. You see something different than I do.

All perspectives are unique.

We do not see things the way they are; we see things the way we are.


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