The Ego Has Awakened


I am more aware of myself now than I have been previously.  I will be more aware of myself in time to come.

Spiritual awakening – is becoming awake to the aliveness of this moment.  Eckhart Tolle

This moment doesn’t stop.  Your first moment of awakening is just that, you have become awake and with it aware.  There is no going back to un-aware.  You cannot un-see this. But, an easy distraction to get caught in without realising it is attaching your awakening to your ego.   Attachment is a mind game so don’t attach your continued awakening, or greater awareness, to anything.

By attaching this feeling of universal clarity and peace, of serenity, to a man made form in your head is setting yourself up for failure as you naturally become more aware more of the time.

You come to realise that within these moments of peace and awareness you will notice what you like doing because you will notice when you are pulled out of peace. This will help define your life purpose.  If instead you attach this to your ego, an idea or thought, you will very quickly evolve beyond it and be forced to redefine yourself again. This in itself is a natural progression and evolution however, with attachment, you will be tied into the physical world of the ego, this will inhibit your growth and slow you down.

When you allow yourself to flower at your own pace and not the one set by the material, physical world of ego,  you set yourself free of it. You are able to create or become more aware of space and within this space you will find peace.



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