Feeling The Frequency

___ energetic frequencies from the lowest energy level to the highestVibration

One of the quickest ways that we are able to increase our average vibrational frequency is to try and keep our thoughts and emotions as high as we can.

When certain practises become natural you have more space to allow awareness to evolve.  One way to create space is to remove slow and dense structures that have manifested within your being.

Eckhart Tolle explains this beautifully when he talks about the Pain Body and our identification with it, or rather removing our identification from it.

By dwelling on, or allowing ourselves to identify with negative emotions we are hindering our evolution sometimes to devastating effect.  Being able to re-direct the negative energy in order to remain in a constant state of awareness is a skill but one that when you uncover  you cannot help but try to hone.

Which Wolf Wins?

It is the negative energy that pulls you from the present.  Because you are now no longer in the present you don’t feel so good and why?  Because your mind has taken you into the past or into the future, or you have had your Pain Body triggered or have been dragged into another’s Pain Body and yours has flared up at the chance of a feeding.  Don’t feed it.  You will soon learn to recognise the emergence of the Pain Body when it arises both in yourself and others.

It can be tricky to realise that you do not actually want to feel moody or hurt.  Quite often when we sulk or dwell on situations, we think that we want to feel this way.  This is a trick of the Pain Body and it should be snubbed out immediately. Even if it means you don’t get the last word.  Especially if it means you don’t get the last word.

Recognise that another persons anger, unhappiness, guilt, shame, sadness, is their own.  Comforting someone is one thing but often, an angry person likes nothing more than to try to make to the whole world feel just as miserable as them.  Don’t let them.  Their emotion is their own choice just as the emotions you choose to embrace are your own.

The chart above highlights quite brilliantly, what is going on during certain emotional states.  Take heed and recognise it when you slip.  Don’t feed the un-happy wolf.  Knowledge is power.  After a time you will feel your vibrational state increase,  when you are feeling particularly aligned with the universe you can notice the hum resonating within your being.

I would like to credit this image but I have no knowledge of it whereabouts as it was sent to me some time ago.  If you know or indeed, if it is your own.  Please let me know and I will apply the credit.

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