Free Yourself From The Physical

Getting out of your Mind

I was struggling and I asked for help out loud, I asked the universe for help.  Minutes later I was sat in a place of peace and the universe answered.  It was that quick.  I stumbled upon a website which explained one huge aspect that was eluding me.  What is the goal?  What is the endgame?- as my mind couldn’t cope with the beyond.  It was time to go beyond.

This website, The Michael Teachings  provided me with a framework for all of what is.  This wobbled the mind enough to get out of the way long enough for the dots to join.  This initial teaching remains with me as a solid groundwork which resonates with enlightening wisdoms that I continue to come across.

The door to The Michael Teachings I found was held open by Barry, whose blog contained the particular meta-data that my search was pertaining to and my spirit was drawn to.  His explanations and insights were the buffers that would assist me with any cognitive dissonance I may have possibly come up against had I gone in directly.

This short excerpt is taken from Barry’s site: Personality Spirituality

When the messages first came through, the source explained that the human soul “enters the physical plane as many times as is necessary to experience all aspects of life.” In doing so, the soul gradually evolves in consciousness, becoming more aware and self-aware, more capable and in control, more loving — and less fearful, less isolated, less unconscious.

To that end, each of us is going through a long and often difficult process of reincarnating, living many different lives in many different circumstances.

At the end of this learning process, when all there is for us to experience as a separate being has been experienced, our soul unites with others — about a thousand other souls who emerged into being at the same moment with us. This is our group of origin, known as an “entity“.

From here I followed his blog through to The Michael Teachings

The information regarding Soul Age and the Overleaves of personality I found to be extremely enlightening.  They provided my turbulent mind with peace by simply showing how every person on the planet is exactly where they sould be and also why they are there.  I was also shown that I can accept concepts which are removed from form, from the physical and from the attachment of the mind.  It was clear that I was feeling the truth rather than thinking it.  In a sense it was like beating the mind at it’s own game.  You want an answer?  Try this.  Find the fault.  My mind, could not.  I also got the message that, It’s all going to be okay.  How can it not be.

My mind, like a child, was wide open with wonder and my Self may have, just, smiled warmly and nodded sagely.


Links :

Personality Spirituality

The Michael Teachings – Introduction


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