On Mantras


  • Catch your Self on!
  • This too, shall pass.
  • Breath
  • Make Space
  • All this is your choice.
  • Don’t ever worry.
  • Look within
  • Happiness is a choice
  • Like attracts Like
  • Needy Little Me? or A fragment of the divine spark of creation, of the Tao, of all that is!
  • Impossible Is Perspective
  • All Structures Are Unstable!
  • Find Zen From Here
  • Everything perfect and is as it should be.
  • Creation is your mirror.
  • Love Yourself First
  • All This Is For You
  • Manifest Abundance
  • Find Nature
  • Even when you make the wrong choice, you still make the right one.
  • Be Mighty!
  • I am worthy of everything


Please share any of your own in below.



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