Spiritual Surfing

Waves.  All that is in existence in this physical realm is made up of waves of frequency.  Light, sound, matter, thought, all of it.  This fact helps explain one tricky little aspect of awareness and that is the ups and downs of the process.

It will happen that at any moment, often following an epiphany of some sort or hearing a particularly valuable lesson from a teacher, you get to ride on a wave of content.  Your heart full of joy and a there is a spring in your new higher vibrating steps.  You feel armoured and nothing is impossible. JOY!  How can it ever end?  You know it all, it’s finally clicked. “YEAH! Come at me world!” You are a fully blown Buddha, laughing all the way to the Astral plane. But, just hold on there!  This physical realm isn’t quite done with you just yet.  Something will happen.  You feel your alignment with the universe start to slip.  That good feeling is being sapped by forces beyond your control.  Life is toying with you again and all to soon you are not so much Buddha and much more bothered.

Suffer like a skimming stone

But, fear not.  This is just another lesson.  You still have the previous teachings that got you here in the first place.  Usually this experience will come with a few mantras or coping mechanisms that you have picked up on you journey so far that will help get you aligned again.  This is just the trough building momentum for the next crest.  Early on, you are inexperienced and the waves are messy and you find you get dumped, often and hard.  As you struggle on, your experience starts to play a role.  You come to find cleaner waves and as the gaps increase, you can enjoy the ride a little longer.  This helps you to stay on the wave and as it settles, now you have stillness and peace while you wait for the next set, rather than turbulent currents dragging you under.

Often times, even with some experience, you will be riding high when very quickly you feel you are coming back down.  Feeling as though barely a breath has been taken.  Take heart in this.  You are receiving your lessons all the more quickly.  Being present will always get you through the toughest of times.  It is sometimes easier said than done, but it does get easier as your mantras and concepts become habit.  Know that all of life is for you.  You do not get anything until you are ready for it.  All this shall pass.  The good and the bad.

What you choose to make of it is up to you.


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