The Internet “But, what can you do on it?”

The Internet

The internet is the realisation of the emergence of instant communication with the sum of all human knowledge.

Sounds Good!

It is the cost of a telephone line, or a visit to the local library or a mobile phone signal.  100% global connection will happen if not already.  For many it is free.

Dark Days

When the internet was starting to be spoken about.  I asked “But what can you do on it?”  It might sound naïve looking back, but then it was a only concept in my head.   I remember trying to understand “how was it accessed?”  A search engine was not heard of.  No Google no Internet Explorer.  When I did have my first attempts to use the internet, these were usually dogged by nags about taking up the phone line.  Images were a job too at 56kb/s.  Cameras were still on film and video was confined to the TV.

The Dawning Of The Age Of Information


Whoa There!

The distance is always increasing between those who are and those who are not digitally native. It is important that the gaps are not manifested in understanding of the internet.

Ask yourself “What can you do on it?”  If you don’t know immediately, people will and have already put up what they think you will enjoy.  You may enjoy these things just remember that it is you who enjoys it.

Ensure that you be the explorers for yourself.  Don’t so much ask or be given the question, go on out and find it and the answers yourself.  By doing so, you uncover rocks and trips, some huge pitfalls and glorious surprises along the way.  You learn to recognise the power and respect it.  You can become a better guide.

Don’t stop learning

Recognise when you are being fed information rather than getting it yourself.  Both are fine but only when you know the difference.

One way to tell is that when you get information for yourself there will be a trail of breadcrumbs leading up to the ‘Eureka’ moment.  It may feel more rewarding.  When information is  being fed to you that ‘Eureka’ moment can still happen but you may be less aware of it and it could be contaminated by the source.


Any way you can, put something that you feel true onto the internet.  This encourages you to explore naturally.

Do this anonymously.

Do this yourself.

Do this outside of mainstream Social Media.

Do this on mainstream Social Media.

Do all of these.

So, the question with regards to the internet.

“But, what can you do on it?”

The Answer

“Anything you want!”



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