In A Nutshell

[You are it]

Many ideas and concepts relating to this process are often just feelings, ways of being, single moments of clarity.  They are perceptions.  Interpretations of energy.  Illusions and manifestations.


A Time of Great Change

The consciousness of the entire planet is rising, shifting and changing. Every single person awakening to the realisation that they we each an instrument of the universe exploring itself raises this frequency.  Increasing our consciousness and awareness of this experience is our ultimate purpose.

Find Out

Use of the sum of all human knowledge, knowledge that is now available to anyone.

Subscribe To Theories

You will find answers to the questions that you seek. You will find teachers and guides everywhere, they will come to you.

Teachings coming from great spiritual influences possibly, such as the likes of Alan Watts or Eckhart Tolle. Or, equally, the teaching could be found in the space in-between the leaves of a tree.

These hold within them theories, concepts, gut feelings, intuitions,  that resonate with you with your gut.  You are ever changing so that you choose when to end or rather improve any subscription.

Look Within

The Truth is within you.  You have everything within you.  Be Aware of yourself and you find it.


Meditate.  Do this each day.  For 10 minutes.  Be still with yourself and nothing else.  Make 10 minutes of time up over a day with a couple of minutes here and there, in the car, standing in the supermarket.   And then do the 10 minutes as well.  Just find a place of peace anywhere and meditate.

A meditation can be as much as one aware breath. 

Get out of your mind.   Recognise cognitive dissonance.  The unease of the different, a pre-conceived idea you hold.  It can be very obvious but it can be just as subtle.   Pictures or words, places, people, thoughts, anything can trigger this.

We can sub-consciously react to and cause ourselves to avoid anything.  Often this is not in our best interests especially if we don’t recognise it.


Be Aware of what is happing right now:

Allow and trust the universe to explore and evolve itself through you.

Because we cannot always see the bigger picture, you have to believe it’s perfect.




GIF Credit: Unknown


YouTube – Dayone Shaman


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