Don’t think…Feel!

Express Yourself

The concept of being in the moment.  It is not always as simple as it sounds.  There are numerous methods and techniques to assist with doing so but few, I have seen, are as dramatic or obvious as bodily expression.

Whether it be kung fu, boxing, karate, wing chun, yoga or frisbee in the park.  The level of focus required allows you to experience a ‘oneness’ with yourself.  When we see actors on the screen we are drawn to them because they are focused in their role, being in that present moment.  Nothing else matters to them other than themselves or rather their lives.  This sounds a little self absorbed but only in respect to the fact that in this sense the alternative to being self absorbed is distracted.

Few of us may get to challenge ourselves in a real fight or combat situation, but this doesn’t mean that we cannot use the understanding of such an experience to enhance our own understanding of some of the opportunities it provides.   Indeed, if one were to engage in a fight and not have the foresight or ability to attempt to capture the forced focus of the present moment during this time of high energy, then they could conceivably be non the wiser.


During a fight/flight situation, especially one initiated around an understanding of martial arts or some level of personal control.  Everything is focused.  Other people, music, chatter.  Anything outside of your immediate environment is still occurring but you know only what you need to.

Sparring is a good host for experiencing this sensation many times.  It will take many times in order to expand your focus from not getting hit, to how does my opponent move?  What are their weaknesses?  Your awareness grows and with it the time you seem to have to think and act.  This is due in part to the fact that you are better at focusing your attention on the present moment.

Life as a lens

By practising the control and expression of our body we can push our own boundaries.  Nobody ever became good at anything by going 50%.  Do something 100%.  Run, dance, perform yoga, wiggle your fingers, sing, anything you want but go at it 100%, the most you can possibly do.  You will notice that nothing else matters, nothing is as important.

Don’t think, feel….it is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory! – Bruce Lee

Once tapped into, the stronger your ability is to apply these lessons in normal life.  By using your body to experience the present in times of peace and quiet can be the most rewarding.  Use all of your senses to pick up everything you can.  Once you can condense it down and get towards the very edge of the moment, that’s when you realise how fast it is moving, how much there is and how it’s all for you.