Binaural Beats | Chakra Healing

Focused Intention And Balance For Your Centres Of Energy. 

Pay attention when you feel your chakras express to you any sort of communication, whether it be through an emotional feeling in the gut or the heart, or a physical sensation like a tingling of your crown area or even really intense headaches.

Binaural beats are a good tool to add to your meditation practice for as and when you choose to make use of them.  Remember there is no right or wrong way to meditate.  It’s always perfect for you.

Use the frequencies below as a guide to understanding which tone is what you want.

It’s easy to want to dive in to the CROWN chakra beats for that spiritual connectedness and if that’s what you would like to do I would say to go with that energy.  Bear in mind that the ROOT Chakra is the 1st chakra.  Balance here will facilitate the balance of all the others chakras.  More so that any of the others in particular.

Notice after some uses of binaural beats if you feel any different.  If you concentrate on the Root Chakra you may find that you feel more grounded in general, more connected with home or the earth or sure of your own self a little more.

TIP – Pay attention to the Heart Chakra.  The heart chakra is an area that we are very led by and susceptible to.  It is our direction and our protection.  You may feel this chakra more than any other and not even realise it.  Look after and be aware of the Heart Chakra it is the bridge between the emotional and the physical.

(Chakra Locations Article – Here)

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  • 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear | Grounding


  • 417 Hz – Undoing Situations | Facilitating Change


  • 528 Hz – Transformation And Miracles | Move Mountains


  • 639 Hz – Connecting | Relationships | All Are One


  • 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition | Speak Your Truth


  • 852 Hz – Returning To Spiritual Order | Seeing The Big Picture


  • 963 Hz – Connection with Source



The Chakras

Up and down your body, a different energy centre will express itself to you by indicating a sensation or feeling that you can relate to.

The Chakras

7 energy centres.  4 Lower and 3 Higher.  These are conduits for energy or vibration.  Your 1st Chakra the Root Chakra located at the perineum connects, or grounds you, to earth.  The 7th Chakra the Crown Chakra, connects you to Source.  The energy of the universe.

Hone Yourself

By removing any addiction, you strip away the interference that this particular addiction or habit causes and you gain a clearer, balanced, interpretation of yourself.  This helps you recognise the Chakras in a pure form.  Increase the sensation  of these energy signals by  eating right, drinking water or herb teas and keeping active. TIPS

Spinning Plates

Care of yourself brings Chakras into alignment, good food, meditation, love of yourself etc.   If this becomes the staple,  when you do indulge in some form, bringing you out of alignment, the characteristics will present themselves clearer which, in turn, helps you bring yourself back into alignment.



Chakra Locations




Energy, Kundalini, Evolution.




Language is often a clumsy a vehicle when attempting to transport information relating to concepts that are experienced by an individual who would like to share those concepts .  I will do my best to share what I have discovered thus far and hope that this is of some use to anybody who is interested.

Several years ago I began to explore beyond the confines of my own understanding of the universe.  I removed all mass media, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, all of it.  Later I would remove social media, facebook etc.  I removed addictions, smoking, coffee, pornography, sugar.  I reformed my diet, I tried primal, vegetarian, and the like. This continues to be an organic evolution.  I spent several months dedicating myself to the persuit of fitness in order to achieve a personal goal.  Through this goal I learned what it is to be completely focused, driven, scared of failure.  Fear is a hell of a motivator.

This Moment Is Perfect As It Is

It is said that nature abhors a vacuum.  With the removal of distraction and an understanding of channeling or of realising your destination being based on your choices alone, epiphanies can occur.  It’s like dominoes falling in reverse.  You get to see that, in order for your to arrive at ‘D’ then ‘C’, ‘B’ and ‘A’ all had to happen, in that order to get you where you are now and when this happens you get the “Aha!” moment and the ground goes a little shaky.  Big ones are really mind blowing.

Cognitive dissonance is a very great hurdle and is often the first and last for many people.  Constantly encourage yourself to live in a transformative state.  A state of constant change.  To do this, opt for a perspective of ‘Everything is new’  or ‘I know nothing’  It gives you the freedom to accept, to grow and to move.

Live in the moment.  Recognise where you are right now.  The past is not real, nor is the future.  Yourself from one minute ago is dead, not real anymore, doesn’t exist. The image of that past you is merely experience.   Practise saying ‘Stop’. And Later ‘Breath’  Use this space to activate all your available senses at this time.  Sight, smell, taste, touch, sound, soak up the moment.  There is never nothing going on!  Whenever anything gets ‘too much’ or you find yourself saying “Arrh, what was it that I had just come to realise?”  The answer is always ‘Breath’.

Listen to your emotions.  Anxiety or fear is often felt in the stomach, slightly above navel area.  Because we can associate this as unpleasant we don’t always listen to this feeling as we should.  These are the times that our energy or power chakra is wide open.  Ready for fight or flight.  This surplus energy is routed to heat, movement, becoming talkative you name it.  Instead of this, take a breath and visualise moving that energy from your stomach up towards your chest.  This is the heart chakra.  In time you will use times of stress as a bonus energy round for you to control and store.  The ability to see beyond our basic instincts and not react to them immediately is good evolution. Put that energy to good use.


Each chakra, especially the lower ones, are associated with a particular emotion or feeling.  When this is recognised you have a reference point to push and pull against  It becomes something tangible.


One of the most scary things can be being alone.  Truly alone with your own thoughts.  No phone, no TV, no nothing.  Sit by yourself, on your own, or lie down.  Turn your phone off and kick the cat out.  Do this every day.  Sit and listen to your emotions.  Allow your mind to swim.  Allow anything and everything to come and to go trough your mind.  Your mind will eventually calm down but don’t be surprised if it does not go quietly.  Meditate every day.  Be still and let your mind wander.  It will come back (more’s the pity sometimes) but in it’s place you will receive guides in abstract form, leading you somewhere.  You need only to follow.  Feel the energy in your body.  Any tension you have, adjust your body to facilitate it’s moving up and out the crown of your head.

The Kundalini 

This can be the beginnings of the kundalini experience.  What kundalini brings is something amazing.  It is a journey that will force out painful or forgotten emotions.  Energies that you have been spending on these emotions that were formed so long ago, that you have no need of now but cannot recognise them enough so that you may release them elsewhere.  This will happen in time.  Remember, no part of you is good or bad.  It is often the case that these emotions have been your protectors in the past and, from their perspective, they are still very much needed.  Your higher self is able to communicate with these parts or emotions as very real entities.  Look within during meditation if it goes that way.  Ask to speak to certain emotions.  With practise you will be amazed what you can do.

Kundalini refers to a very powerful energy within us.  This energy is often sapped by the mind by way of distraction, or by ourselves not being able to recognise the availability, possibly due to the influence of our environment or our education.

Kundalini is often depicted as an ‘intelligent’ energy in the form of a coiled snake at the base of the spine.  I have found that visualising and using the serpent as a reference for the sensation of this rising to be extremely helpful.  It can feel like a strong serpent working up your spine.  Almost a thick feeling.  Experiences though, are often as varied as the individual themselves.

It can be initially recognised in the form of sexual energy.  This energy is often released by the mind through orgasm.  The ability to see beyond our basic instincts and not react to them immediately is good evolution.

It could be argued that much of the western world is specifically designed to ensure that the general population does not realise their potential.  Most events portrayed by the media are very much directed to the areas affected by spiritual understanding and kundalini awakenings.  Do not allow yourself to become a victim.  Do not assume that you will not be affected simply by recognising what you experience.  You will be affected.   Use the internet how YOU see fit.  Beyond the confines of social media, pornography or mass market entertainment.  Your soul seeks fulfilment and only when you allow yourself to listen will the messages get through.


Each illness we receive is a message.  Notice how you may get a common illness, something ‘doing the rounds’ locally to you.  It  will effect people differently.  Initially it will be a common adversary like a cold but notice how you are affected.  It may linger on your throat as a cough, or a headache, or back pain.  This is a blockage.  Recognise it and try to understand the blockage in your own operating system as it were.  Each feeling or emotion is like feeling the blu-tack on the corner of the poster as you hang it on the wall.  You cannot see it but you know where to press.

The mind is a tool.  It is not you.  You will see that separation as you progress.  Use the mind though, do not hate it.  It will sort out the physical for you.  Your day to day.  It will run on autopilot, out of the way when you don’t need it.  Talk kindly to it as you should do yourself.  Love yourself always and that love will flow from you.

We are all in on a lesson of what it is to be separate.  Separate from everything.  If a separate being managed to see beyond that separateness, and come to realise that separate is the illusion, you have seen the game for what it is and can play it with a new set of rules.  A new perspective.

Enjoy the journey.



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