Land Of Hope And Glory – The hidden truth behind UK animal farming.

They Are Here With Us, Not For Us

“In the UK alone we slaughter around one billion land animals every year for meat, dairy and eggs.”​ source –

This is not an animal welfare issue.  This is an animal exploitation issue.

Sometimes, when given examples of how animals are treated whilst being used for our consumption, the tendency of well meaning people moves to the issue of animal welfare.  This does not stop the oppression.  Only the abolition of animal use will stop this.  The welfare of slaves means that there are still slaves.

They Trust Us – We Betray Them

This documentary shows to what extent our choices have led to.  We will hurt, mutilate and murder the most innocent beings on earth for our own taste pleasure without giving a single thought.  These non-human animals are babies and we use their bodies for nothing more than our ‘enjoyment’.  This is not necessary.  We do not need to eat or wear dead animals.

There is a reason we don’t see this.   We don’t like it.  We recognise the injustice.  It goes against our own morals.  Against our own judgement and against our own instinct to protect, rather than inflict needless harm on the innocent.  This industry is built on secrecy fuelled by ignorance.

There is no such thing as ‘Humane Slaughter’

It is one thing to realise that by consuming meat, eggs and dairy, an animal that wanted to live had to die.  It is another thing to bear witness, whilst the actions of your choices are played out in reality.

We all make a powerful choice each and every time we decide to use an animal or not to.  To oppress or liberate.   To live and let live, or kill and eat.  We create the demand or we remove it.  You make that choice every single day.

From this moment on, you can no longer say that you didn’t know.”
– Ed Winters researcher and narrator.


Land Of Hope And Glory – Facts

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“Minimizing Consumption” by DISL Automatic (Visuals by Vegan Revolution)

Every Person Counts


Before you think that this video, isn’t about you. Watch it until the end. Every Person Counts.
and turn it up.

“Minimizing Consumption” by DISL Automatic (Visuals by Vegan Revolution)

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2017 – The Future – Is Ours


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Plastic Just Ain’t Fantastic


Everyone knows it’s terrible, but how can plastic be avoided in todays society.  The keys I press whilst typing this article are made of the stuff.  We are surrounded by it.  Plastic will not be going anywhere soon.  Companies cannot be relied on to start a change here as their product is being purchased by you and me.  So this issue remains of who, can solve the plastic problem?

You and me, is always the answer.  The most powerful force for change on earth 🙂 and so, on to some legendary tips:

  • Choose wisely.  When you are purchasing goods give consideration to the quantity of plastic that comes with it.  Is there an alternative?
  • Don’t use those thin fruit bags in the super-market.   Weigh your goods and stick the label to your item(s) or basket, or trolley, or a small child, preferably your own.
  • Avoid ‘one use’ items.  This tip changed how I dealt with plastic in my life.  If you are using super-market bags  re-use them as bin bags.  Avoid buying individual use water bottles
  • Plastic water bottles (They get there own space)   They are a disaster.  Try to find a way to eliminate them 100% from your life.  They are the ultimate one-use plastic items.  Buy a quality drinks flask.  I would highly recommend Klean Kanteen.  It is an initial expense, but these steel flasks will become a part of your every day carry, not like a foreign object that gets in your way.  Something you are just wanting to get rid of it as you can as you would a plastic bottle.  Look out for people with plastic bottles and see how awkward they are and just get in the way.
  • Shop local and use farmers markets.  This way, you will be more inclined to bring your own bags to carry items.  Often the bags at farmers markets are re-used supermarket bags, so better already.  Also the produce will be local and seasonal, helping to tune your body naturally.
  • Recycle.  Make it a thing that you do.
  • Enjoy your food shopping.  Why so many people just want to ‘get in and get out’ puzzles me a little.  By taking a little more time, you give yourself chance to consider what you are buying and why.
  • Recognise consumerism.  Much of what I have mentioned is directed at food purchases as they do the most damage regarding our use of plastics, but it is everywhere so be aware and look for alternatives at least recognise the problem and your actions will naturally follow your insight.
  • Recognise that you are doing something positive.
  • Nothing or nobody is 100% perfect. 1% beats 0% all day long!


    Bamboo – Ecoffee Cup

There is no one size fits all answer to anything that is even remotely tricky, but part of the joy with change are the gems of discovery that you get to uncover for yourself.
Every single little change we can make, whether it be for individual development or looking at the greater good beyond ourselves, will generate global positivity.
An individuals goals and those of the greater good (in this case, the planet)  both go hand in hand.  You cannot help one without the other. We are the same thing, it will always be win win.
Each and every positive action will attract positivity, it is the greatest ever increasing circle.  It is the  perfect example of how the smallest things can make the biggest differences.