The Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale


The  Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale

By getting ourselves into low negative frequency patterns of behaviour, we create illness and disharmony both within ourselves and we will also experience this in the outside world around us.

Catch yourself on when these feeling arise and be aware of them.  Use this information to end the downward spiral and look to set it spinning back up.

Aim to maintain a high positive frequency  spiral so that when the demons come calling they will be weaker and have less of an impact on your overall average.

Start now

It sounds easier said than done when you are in the midst of the battle, but you have the answers within yourself, you only need a crack of light in the door of darkness to jam your foot in.   You are more powerful than you realise.  You have all the control.

The frequency we sent into the universe is the frequency we receive back.

Stay Strong


Down The Rabbit Hole Alice?


Through The Portal

My route towards awakening was founded in the search for answers.  I have always been interested in reading around any subject which grabs my attention.  Tackling it from many angles and absorbing myself in as many facets as I can until the obsession moves along  and so it has been during my awakening.  Only this time it was beyond the physical realm and much of what I was attempting to grasp were shapeless concepts and beliefs systems that were very far removed from anything I had come into contact with previously.

What it felt like, was a decent down the rabbit hole.  Each crawled inch pushed my mind further into a realm that was unknown. I was trying to cement good mantras and ways of being that I perceived were the way forward. As I inched further into the uncharted, my mind was in turmoil and I had extremely dark times with the adjustments.  As my slow creeping continued I would get little moments, golden breadcrumbs, something that would, just, encourage me to keep going.

Then it got worse

I used to hear my wife say “You’re the one who is supposed to be all ‘enlightened’!” I would have had to agree with her, only in my head of course but at these times I was far from being in any sort of magnanimous mood.   I was trying to apply my new basic understanding but it didn’t seem to be sticking in the real world, if anything, my issues were getting much worse.

All of this climaxed in grand fashion with me having a complete explosive meltdown.  I raged for about five minutes, slamming doors and generally seething.  I screamed out load in sheer anger.

My youngest, who was in another room, seemed to think it was great sport.

Teachers Will Present Themselves

Afterwards, I felt strangely calm and surprisingly not at all guilty. Although I did apologise, very much, to my family for the distress.  That night I went to bed, alone, and plugged myself into an audiobook.

I had been listening to Eckhart Tolle’s: A New Earth.  This tormented me all the more as the man had spoken so much sense the day before and that very morning.  As I lay in the darkness within 5 minutes Eckhart’s soothing voice introduced “Chapter 5 – The Pain Body”.

Over the next two hours Eckhart Tolle explained to me exactly what had happened.  More incredible is that, had I not have had this major melt-down, the message would not have been so clear.  I was going to listen to that audiobook that night, I was completely invested in it at the time.  I had paused it earlier, unknowingly giving myself just the right amount of time to relax and listen. To get THE MESSAGE loud and clear.


During the rage I remember I was aware but unconcerned, there was no voice that might have usually said “breath”.  I was observing this.

I had asked for something and I got it,  I got a great big neon sign saying LOOK!

I do not believe that you ever arrive at destination ‘Awareness’.  That journey never ends.   Nevertheless, in that moment I had crossed over a threshold, or a big hurdle, removed some density for sure.  All of the previous steps leading up to that instant had brought me up against a great wall that I was being pressed against.

When suddenly it gave way, that was when I ‘got it’.

I saw for the first time that there was this thing called ‘ME’ and there was the real me ‘I’, since that day I am now ‘I’.  I slip back into Me all the time, but I can feel it, I recognise it as not ‘I’.


I am still heading down the rabbit hole only now, instead of an unsure poke about in the dark gets closer to a free-fall.  You just let go and spread out your arms, it is bliss, the universe will catch you.

If someone asked me if “One day could a man learn to fly?”  I could now honestly say, “Maybe, just maybe.


The Dark Night Of The Soul

The Hero You Need

The dark night of the soul refers to a period of an individuals spiritual journey that is said to be less than enjoyable, to say the least.  It usually occurs following a period of spiritual growth.  As you discover certain truths there is a death or dying of sorts of your previously held beliefs which have helped to create your ego.

It has been my experience that almost immediately following a time of growth, the mind turns in on itself and throws a blanket over the ego which is definitely troubled by these new concepts that are forcing  it to the surface or more realistically, separating it from the self.  The ego doesn’t like this and as a result you can become withdrawn, moody, irritable, depressed and generally feel grey.

Worse is that you still have the knowledge gained from the period of growth which all pointed to happiness, love and compassion.  Now as you wallow in this dark night it seems that all this knowledge has up and left.  Remember that this is the ego attempting to comfort itself.  You have chased it out of one room and it’s now hiding in the next.  The ego needs to feel that it is vital to your existence and it will try anything to keep you believing that.

Early in your spiritual awakening you will have left behind concrete ideas in place of concepts.  These concepts are initially far from concrete, so you are left in a state of limbo.  I prefer to recognise this period as more of a cocoon period.  Each time the dark night of the soul visits, try to recognise that it is just another period of growth in itself.  You will emerge from it and you will have been transformed by it.

Resist Resisting

It isn’t easy.  It can feel so frustrating.  You are not alone.  Allow it to happen, don’t resist.  Use this time to put what you have learned to the test.  Practise calm and patience.  Work on your meditation.  Ask for help too.  Say out loud what you would like help with.  It is sometimes surprising to find that the universe does hear you.  Sometimes you will have your answer immediately, it can happen.