Channel Your Higher Self

When attempting to quiet the usual assistance that is offered to you by your current fear based Ego, the lurker that is all too quick to sabotage your intentions at a moments notice, it is helpful to access your Higher Self.

Finding You.

Everything to do with your higher Self revolves around emotion.  To better feel what’s going on, tune in, you first need to create space within your being.  By this I mean you become aware of yourself as the aperture which enables nature/the universe/everything, to happen.  You are the blank canvas ready to be painted on.  Notice the observer space that you allow.

From here you want to pay attention to your emotions.  If you feel the sharp sting of reduction from within, the feeling that makes you want to jump up to defend it, make it better.  This comes from the Ego and a place of fear.  If instead you are aware of this sensation, you can allow it to move along and bring forward a sense of stillness, humour, expansion, joy, calmness.  Presence.  This is coming from a place of love.  Your Higher Self.  In order to better gauge these feelings you need to give yourself time to process them.  Avoid jumping in to the karma of a situation to get tangled up in.  Allow more space to absorb any tension or energy of this kind.    Often when you are Present and think that you have it sussed, this is when the rope of unconsciousness tugs and you slip away from your space and into that of another’s.   This will now be lower self, or Ego based and Ego’s love other Ego’s to fire each other up and can quickly take over.

Find Balance

When you do act from the Ego/Fear don’t become disheartened.  Recognition of the event, the perceived mistake, is a big teaching in just what it is you are developing.  Be grateful because this is a fast forward boost when learning the art of presence.  The more you work on yourself the better you become.  It will aid you in the times of greatest stress when you need the greatest presence.

Your Soul is immortal.  It is enjoying the experience of the physical realm.  Engage with this notion fully by accepting everything.  Be grateful for everything.  You may not be able to see the bigger picture.

Burn A Trail.

Give your Soul the ride of this life.  When you are flying along in alignment, The Universe will catch you every time you leap.  You are it.  It want’s you to succeed.  The Universe right at the tail of the big bang is this  Human vessel.  Your body is the amazing vehicle designed for one thing – to carry your Soul/You on the journey of your life.  Burn a trail with it.  Squeeze every last drop from each opportunity.  Choose the best pilot and don’t bother to buckle up!



Art Credit: Unknown



Summon The Power Of The Universe


Summoning The Qi

Take a look at a few Japanese anime animations.  One theme which is hugely popular is of what I can only describe as ‘Summoning the Qi’ (chi).  When summoning the Qi, a character usually performs an elaborate focused concentration in order to charge themselves, often with the intention of destruction with a release of charged energy, it is also manifested in nature, healing, telekinesis anyway imaginable really.


Often accompanying this and usually before a grand battle, one or both characters are primed for the encounter by, what I will call, ‘The Ching’.  This is sometimes shown as a glint in the characters eye often accompanied by a ‘ching’ sound.  A recognition of threat or, of energy.

Like many entertainment forms, the ideas of the creators are hyper exaggerated for the benefit of the drama, but this does not remove the fact that there is something that can be divined and applied to your reality.

Basic Instinct

By paying attention to 2016-02-9--13-10-27.jpegour Triggers (the things that set us off) we experience ‘The Ching’.  These are the obvious ones.  Everything is energy, but these Triggers are our own personal markers so we notice them immediately.  From this recognition you can notice the energy within anything.

The emotional content within starts to stir to a greater or lesser degree.  From here you can channel this energy throughout your being and Summon The Qi.

I said Emotional Content, not anger.

Do not allow your energy to be wasted, anger is a release that gains nothing.  The same applies to thoughts or feeling you harbour that are draining and negative.  This creates a downwards spiral. Stop that activity by drawing on the opposite, positive frequencies


As your ability to recognise the various energies within you increases,  you can naturally allow Qi to flow.  It can feel quite amazing and you will seem to have boundless energy.  Unlimited Power! Or simply, be at peace.

How individual energies will manifest is up to that individual.

Sword Art Online

Not quite as obvious as the likes of Dragon Ball Z for the summoning of Qi but this series does show off these abilities.  It also puts you into a virtual reality medium which is quite a helpful point of view when dealing with many ascension issues.  Also, there is mention early on in the first episode regarding using your skill as a feeling which hits the nail very well.

Become An Alchemist

There is power everywhere, within everything.  With increasing awareness comes the ability to evolve, to channel and focus energies.  Turn lead into gold from within.

The process of learning to control energy within yourself is incredible.  It can help bring out your best.  It can speed up your healing.   It can tune you into nature on a level you didn’t notice before.  You name it, you will manifest it!

From a perspective it could be seen to be super-human.

Because that is exactly what it is.