Dayone Shaman | The Purpose Of Life

The Anthem

With so many to choose from, the beauty of the universe has conspired for this underdog, as it becomes the only choice possible as a soundtrack to cover a topic of such magnitude that is The Purpose Of Life .

Some rose tints, coupled with the lack of having had chance to see the epic accompanying motion picture adventure in time, for quite some time.  May cause some tug on your heart strings, when the real truth of the matter of the epic I allude to, is finally revealed.

Also, the difficulty in not saying ball bag is real, that goes for tea bagged too.

Who knew, really.  I never did.

Enjoy the video.


On The Purpose of Life

Your life’s purpose is what you make it.

Right now my life’s purpose is writing this article.  When I drink tea, that is my life’s purpose.  When I do my tax returns, that is my life’s purpose.  When I lift the cup from the table in order to take a sip that is my life’s purpose.  Not the sip, that has not happened yet.

Not all the things we do can be perceived to be the most pleasurable experiences that life has to offer, but each is necessary in order to facilitate life.

If you see that what you are doing at this moment of your life as a problem, it will be a problem, if it is a challenge, it will be a challenge.  If it is perceived as life, as another step on the path, it is then necessary and it is the most important thing that you are doing because it is what you are doing.

What you are doing at this moment is the purpose of your life.

What you choose to make of it is up you.

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