Veganism- The Futility? And The Future!

The Futility

One reason heard from people from time to time for them not wanting to be vegan is the issue that veganism is a pointless venture as literally everything from tyres to mobile phones contain animal products in one form or another.  The appeal to futility, seems to seem very rational and because of this it can make for a tricky point to come back on when faced with the excuse.   Partly because, there is some truth to the argument.

It is quite easy to point out on the surface that because something is difficult does that mean that we shouldn’t try? Many a carnist would probably say ‘Yes’ anyway, as the seemingly unsurmountable obstacle, is just the perfect excuse not to try.

You could argue that we are talking here about the difference between causing  direct and indirect suffering, which I would say is a better point, but longer term the answer

The Fallout

The truth of the matter is, that due to the very fact that literally billions of land animals are killed each year for the consumption of humans, the by-products of this practise are in massive supply.  When something is in massive supply the cost is cheap.    This huge supply will drive a demand for cheap products and this demand will in turn drive the supply.

The Future

As fewer and fewer animals are killed for human consumption the huge supply of by-products will reduce, as a result the price will increase.  The retail market will reflect this as some companies may attempt to hike up the cost of their items to cover this.  Some established companies may be able to raise prices in order to maintain their modus operandi as change will come at some cost.  Some may opt for change and filter in non animal alternatives as supply dries up.   New innovative enterprises will be able to opt for other, non-animal materials.

Stumbling Towards A vegan World

These materials, from non-animal origin will be a selling point for a growing market which will create demand, which will drive supply, which will reduce cost.  This is the circle that will be followed during each stumbling phase towards a vegan world.  From finding alternatives to direct causes of harm, actually not eating animals, to greyer areas covering the likes of the brand choice of a bottle of shampoo or preferred clothing company.

Each time, the moral and ethical truth will eek out a solution, sometimes slowly and sometimes like a landslide.  This will become more and more obvious, more and more in the public eye.  More and more normal and more and more adopted by the masses.





“Minimizing Consumption” by DISL Automatic (Visuals by Vegan Revolution)

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“Minimizing Consumption” by DISL Automatic (Visuals by Vegan Revolution)

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