Veganism- The Futility? And The Future!

The Futility

One reason heard from people from time to time for them not wanting to be vegan is the issue that veganism is a pointless venture as literally everything from tyres to mobile phones contain animal products in one form or another.  The appeal to futility, seems to seem very rational and because of this it can make for a tricky point to come back on when faced with the excuse.   Partly because, there is some truth to the argument.

It is quite easy to point out on the surface that because something is difficult does that mean that we shouldn’t try? Many a carnist would probably say ‘Yes’ anyway, as the seemingly unsurmountable obstacle, is just the perfect excuse not to try.

You could argue that we are talking here about the difference between causing  direct and indirect suffering, which I would say is a better point, but longer term the answer

The Fallout

The truth of the matter is, that due to the very fact that literally billions of land animals are killed each year for the consumption of humans, the by-products of this practise are in massive supply.  When something is in massive supply the cost is cheap.    This huge supply will drive a demand for cheap products and this demand will in turn drive the supply.

The Future

As fewer and fewer animals are killed for human consumption the huge supply of by-products will reduce, as a result the price will increase.  The retail market will reflect this as some companies may attempt to hike up the cost of their items to cover this.  Some established companies may be able to raise prices in order to maintain their modus operandi as change will come at some cost.  Some may opt for change and filter in non animal alternatives as supply dries up.   New innovative enterprises will be able to opt for other, non-animal materials.

Stumbling Towards A vegan World

These materials, from non-animal origin will be a selling point for a growing market which will create demand, which will drive supply, which will reduce cost.  This is the circle that will be followed during each stumbling phase towards a vegan world.  From finding alternatives to direct causes of harm, actually not eating animals, to greyer areas covering the likes of the brand choice of a bottle of shampoo or preferred clothing company.

Each time, the moral and ethical truth will eek out a solution, sometimes slowly and sometimes like a landslide.  This will become more and more obvious, more and more in the public eye.  More and more normal and more and more adopted by the masses.





Guest Author – Del Blacko: Dairy

Like all mammals, a cow produces milk to feed their young. They lactate after giving birth to a calf, which will then feed on its mother’s milk for 9 months to a year. The duration of a cows pregnancy is approximately 40 weeks; close to our own.

In the dairy industry, this means that a cow needs to be impregnated every year to ensure a continual supply of milk, with a 6-8 week ‘drying off’ period as the excessive milking causes the cow weakening and affects their ability to produce over time. Their conceptions are usually done through the process of artificial insemination, where a farmer will shove their arm into a cows rectum to use as a guide, while inserting a metal rod containing bull’s seamen into the cows vagina until reaching the reproductive tract. Dairy cows have been bred genetically to be larger, and are able to produce larger quantities of milk. In order for farmers to capitalize on this, the calves are separated from their mothers only 1-3 days after birth, ensuring little milk as possible is consumed by the calf after their crucial ‘first feed’.

This causes immense distress, as both mother and child will call out continually in anguish for days, and the mother will repeatedly re-visit the last place she saw her calf for weeks, even months. What will happen next to the calf will depend entirely on their sex.

If the calf is male, he may be shot dead within a couple days of life. This is due to over breeding in the dairy industry. It is more cost-effective to use artificial insemination from a small percentage of bulls, than feed massive amounts of food to an animal that cannot give birth or produce milk. Calves that are not killed this way are used in the veal industry.  It is considered ‘socially unethical’ to slaughter and consume calves in the United Kingdom, although not illegal, so most veal calves are shipped in very small crates to Europe. They will be given a milk ‘supplement’ which is low in iron to make their flesh look whiter, and are killed at 3-4 months of age. *It’s important to note that the veal industry would not exist without the Dairy Industry.

If the calf is female, she will face the same fate as her mother. From being taken away after a few days of life, she will be confined to a very small pen for months. During this time of anguish she will be pumped full of vaccines, growth hormones and supplements. Her first forced pregnancy will begin when she is only 1 years old. The process will go on every year in a cycle where her young are taken from her, she will pine for months, will develop infections of the udder from over-milking, will be forcefully impregnated, and so on until the cow reaches the age of 4-6 years, where she will have become too weak to produce milk anymore. At this point she is taken and slaughtered for the Meat Industry.

A 5 year old dairy cow may look like an adult, due to the genetics of their breeding, and hormones they may have been supplemented, but in actuality they are still children. A cow can live over 25 years naturally. It’s a common misconception that the dairy industry is considerably less cruel than other forms of animal exploitation. Through product marketing, e.g Cravendale, Dairy milk chocolate, Laughing Cow cheese-spread, we are conditioned to see dairy as a positive and harmless form of trade between human and bovine, almost to the point that we believe the cows want to give us their milk. It’s true an udder will swell and become discomforting if left full, but that milk is for the calf and is not natural for human consumption. The cow definitely does not want to be childless, confined and strapped to a milking machine which drains her to the point where she will develop infections having puss and blood sucked from her as well as her child’s milk repeatedly until she’s too damaged to continue living.

The dairy industry is possibly the worst of all. It contributes the most to slaughter for beef. It’s responsible for the Veal Industry, and the killing of newborn male calves. It promotes interference with nature through genetics, growth hormones and forceful pregnancies. It takes mothers’ children away from them.  *Also, it is worthy to note that the reason we are so addicted to dairy products is because there is a specific natural chemical in the milk that’s designed to make the calves feel docile and less inclined to leave their mothers side.

These creatures are worth more than this. They live a long and active life. They have compassion. They care for their young and they mourn for their loss.


Land Of Hope And Glory – The hidden truth behind UK animal farming.

They Are Here With Us, Not For Us

“In the UK alone we slaughter around one billion land animals every year for meat, dairy and eggs.”​ source –

This is not an animal welfare issue.  This is an animal exploitation issue.

Sometimes, when given examples of how animals are treated whilst being used for our consumption, the tendency of well meaning people moves to the issue of animal welfare.  This does not stop the oppression.  Only the abolition of animal use will stop this.  The welfare of slaves means that there are still slaves.

They Trust Us – We Betray Them

This documentary shows to what extent our choices have led to.  We will hurt, mutilate and murder the most innocent beings on earth for our own taste pleasure without giving a single thought.  These non-human animals are babies and we use their bodies for nothing more than our ‘enjoyment’.  This is not necessary.  We do not need to eat or wear dead animals.

There is a reason we don’t see this.   We don’t like it.  We recognise the injustice.  It goes against our own morals.  Against our own judgement and against our own instinct to protect, rather than inflict needless harm on the innocent.  This industry is built on secrecy fuelled by ignorance.

There is no such thing as ‘Humane Slaughter’

It is one thing to realise that by consuming meat, eggs and dairy, an animal that wanted to live had to die.  It is another thing to bear witness, whilst the actions of your choices are played out in reality.

We all make a powerful choice each and every time we decide to use an animal or not to.  To oppress or liberate.   To live and let live, or kill and eat.  We create the demand or we remove it.  You make that choice every single day.

From this moment on, you can no longer say that you didn’t know.”
– Ed Winters researcher and narrator.


Land Of Hope And Glory – Facts

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“Minimizing Consumption” by DISL Automatic (Visuals by Vegan Revolution)

Every Person Counts


Before you think that this video, isn’t about you. Watch it until the end. Every Person Counts.
and turn it up.

“Minimizing Consumption” by DISL Automatic (Visuals by Vegan Revolution)


A Meaty Issue

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the sensation of eating meat if you have been eating meat all your life.

There are stages in coming off this and there is a reason that alternative meat products are out there.  To be honest these items are processed foods that often contain ‘shit in them’ this ‘shit’ would usually constitute a sugar of some description. While this shit is still shit, I mean nobody wants to eat too much sugar now do they?  But sugar in a plant based sausage is not the issue here, the issue here is that meat sausage is a Type One carcinogenic.

I would ask anybody to take a look at the World Health Organization Report on Red And Processed Meat. [link below]


11. What types of cancers are linked or associated with eating processed meat?

The IARC Working Group* concluded that eating processed meat causes colorectal cancer. An association with stomach cancer was also seen, but the evidence is not conclusive.

What do you consider as processed meat?

Processed meat refers to meat that has been transformed through salting, curing, fermentation, smoking, or other processes to enhance flavour or improve preservation. Most processed meats contain pork or beef, but processed meats may also contain other red meats, poultry, offal, or meat by-products such as blood.

Examples of processed meat include hot dogs (frankfurters), ham, sausages, corned beef, and biltong or beef jerky as well as canned meat and meat-based preparations and sauces.


“Eating processed meat causes colorectal cancer” We give it to our children at school and at home and it’s called ham.

This industry is backed by Government.  Subsided and endorsed.  Promoted.

To my knowledge there is not one dish at my local primary school that is without animal products. This information has been out since 2015. This is still the findings of the W.H.O nearly two years later.

It’s quite a sobering realisation.

*The IARC [International Agency for Research on Cancer] consisted of 22 experts from 10 countries.

Watch  – August 1st –